About us

Manufacturing Environment

As a manufacturer which delivers to the world products which contribute to people's health, a clean environment surrounded by lush green nature is important to us.
In an environment blessed with the changing expressions shown by the flora and fauna throughout the four seasons, with have been creating high-quality products with our proprietary precision technology and state-of-the-art production facilities.
We believe that NSK's ultimate is to continually releasing useful new products to the world, with the pride of a manufacturer, into the future.

It is from here that world-class, global quality products are born


New Headquarters R&D Building “RD1”

Completed in 2017
Administration Division / R&D Division / International Sales Division / Information System Dept. / Product Design Office / Purchasing Dept.


A Wing: Machining Dept., Quality Assurance Dept., Medical Dept. / B Wing: Machining Dept. / C Wing: Motor Engineering Dept., Electronics Design Dept., Electromagnetic wave measuring Facility, Production Engineering Sec., Manufacturing Technology Sec. / D Wing: Assembly Dept. / F Wing: Machining Dept.

Commitment to the environment

As a manufacturer of medical equipment, we have been involved in environmental initiatives since early on. The water used at our factories is made completely clean at our water purifying facility. It then passes through a pond on our premises where carp swim, before being released into lakes and rivers.